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The future has come, and an experimental psychiatric company has invented a new method of therapy, Dreamscape Therapy. Through the use of new VR technology, they can now allow you to simulate your own dreams, giving you full consciousness inside of them, but are you ready to discover what your dreams hold? Good luck, and welcome to the Dreamscape!

Welcome To The Dreamscape is a story driven, first person, puzzle game about trying to learn about your past through your own dreams, but, not all is as it seems.  Journey through the amazingly odd world of your own mind and piece together your story.  Game-play involves mostly puzzle solving and narrative, but there are hints of combat and stealth as well.

This is the demo for the upcoming video game, Welcome To The Dreamscape.  It was developed by high school freshman Conner Rush, developer of Into The Unknown, over the course of a little over a year so far, although the development still hasn't ended.  His skills have sharpened in game development in that time, and he intends to create the biggest and best project to his abilities.  Welcome To The Dreamscape has been meticulously crafted to extend the story of Into The Unknown, while remaining it's own entity, allowing new players to experience the game on its own, while previous fans of Into The Unknown will learn even more about this original world and story.  The game is expected to release a some point in late 2017 or early 2018.

NOTICE!: This game is still currently in development and any changes may occur before the game's final release.  All input is welcomed!  Also, the description above is intended to represent the full game.  Some of the features mentioned may be absent in the demo.

All donations made on this demo will go towards making the full game the best that it can be!

I hope you enjoy, and thank you for playing!

Our Website: www.fyregames.com

Contact us for Press / Support: fyregamesemail@gmail.com

FYRE Games Twitter: https://twitter.com/FyreGamesR...

FYRE Games YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channe...

Conner Rush Twitter: https://twitter.com/creativeru...

Conner Rush YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channe...

Into The Unknown Steam Page: http://store.steampowered.com/...

Into The Unknown itchio Page: https://fyre-games.itch.io/int...

Into The Unknown Game Jolt Page: http://gamejolt.com/games/into...


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Pretty neat, certainly an improvement on Into the Unknown, nice job.

Very nice game! I really enjoyed the demo! Can;t wait for the full game to be released! Anyways here is my let's play for the game! Hope you enjoy! :D 

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I went through this demo and what can I say other than I'm waiting for its continuation and full release!
As always, I like to leave a text-based feedback around my experience with the game. I usually split it between gamejolt and itch.io pages because of characters limit.

First things first, there's not a whole lot of story in this demo for some logical reasons. All that set in stone is that in this game you are going to go through the process of living your dreams conscious (Well, kinda. You still need to do drugs xd) in order to restore your past.

In this particular demo, the developer gives us a taste of going into the dream for the first time. Its gameplay is pretty straightforward. It's basically a first-person puzzle game. But with a pretty interesting premise. I imagine it's going to become more in-depth because controls menu features some interesting mechanics.

From the visual standpoint, the demo looks very nice. With that said, the environment differs as you would expect from a dream.

There are a few flaws because of the demo state of the game. But I'm going to talk about it at the gamejolt page.

All n' all, I'm really excited for the developer and his game! 
I've made let's play video on this demo. So, if you want to see a real life reaction to it, here it is:

This one certainly has promise and if the full game is almost done I look forward to it.

YouTube: Fellowplayer