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It's coming... find the tapes...

    All seems calm.  The multitude of towering trees sway in the breeze.  The birds sing for you as if to create perfect harmony.  The sun breaks through the leaves above to shine down on you...  But something feels wrong.  Something is watching you, something omniscient.  The feeling that you may not be alone grows ever-stronger.  The gentle breeze has become a harsh wind.  You can't tell the trees apart from a figure in the distance.  What are those sounds?  Wait, that gramophone wasn't there before... Oh God... It's coming...

    From FYRE Games, the developers of the hit narrative game Summerland, comes The Colossus Is Coming: an experimental and abstract narrative experience to go in tandem with the album of the same name by Auric Echoes.  You take control of an unnamed protagonist as you uncover the story of a mysterious colossus through a series of cassette tapes.  This 15 - 20 minute experience is sure to fill you with a sense of unease and dread.


  • Beautiful and atmospheric visuals, making full use of the Unity HDRP
  • An eerie and mysterious story
  • Haunting sound design, including pieces of music and samples from the Auric Echoes album

The Album is also available now to stream on all major platforms!

If you experience any issues, or if you'd just like to get in touch, please contact here

Message from the developer:

    Hello!  My name is Conner Rush, and I'm the creator of FYRE Games, as well as the musician behind Auric Echoes.  I'd first just like to take the time to thank all of you for being here and supporting this multi-media passion project of mine.  Getting this done through my first year of university has been a challenge to say the least, and I couldn't have done it without you.  With that said, if you would like to support me so that I can continue to deliver quality works of art to the public, I've included a link for you to donate to my studio via Paypal.  If you'd rather, buying the record on iTunes or Bandcamp would be an incredible help to me as I continue to make music, make games, and continue my education.  I truly hope I can continue to make project to make you all proud!  Thank you, and enjoy :)

- Conner Rush

Donations can be made here


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The Colossus Is Coming (64-bit) 663 MB
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The environment blew my mind!  So creative and mysterious!  Felt otherworldly and scary yet filled me with wonder!

My dump truck really bigger than hers. That's crazy. 

This was honestly so haunting and beautiful! Such a great game! 


good game

Hi Conner, 

I love a good media experience, so this is such a cool idea. You nailed the atmosphere and the ending was amazing. Also your reading style reminded me a lot of No Sleep Podcast which is a compliment, it’s the perfect delivery to create a sense of uncanny terror. I hope you continue this intertwined story-telling but be bold enough to insert your music more, honestly, if I had developed this, I would have blasted it during the intro, the outro and inbetween, so it sticks (I love the gramophone idea but since it’s easy to miss, people miss out on your music and they really shouldn’t). 

Love the imagery and the narration! The atmosphere was quite tense. Felt like it could be a prologue to a full game but cool idea making a game to accompany an album.

The Colossus is coming Full Game + Ending

Very cool experience. I really loved the look of this and the audio is perfectly creepy.

The game was pretty cool and I loved the story being told through the tapes. Also the environment changing while the tapes were played kinda scared me.. xD

Btw, here is my video. I'm a brazilian guy who likes to play some random horror games (gameplay in portuguese). Thanks for the game and great experience!

I enjoyed this experience a whole lot. Though it lacks much gameplay, it makes up for it completely with it's story and unnerving atmosphere. I highly recommend this for creepypasta lovers.

This is a short but unique take on a horror game, presenting a story through cassette tapes and a very grey, atmospheric setting. Certainly got creepy towards the end. There isn't much else to it, but as a concept it certainly grabbed my attention!

Less of a game and more of an art piece, what a beautiful experience.

This is an interesting take on story telling. I kinda like it and how you built atmosphere through both the cassette and general subtle shifts in the environment. Nice job there.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. https://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

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I really like the concept of telling the story through cassette tapes. The forest changing got really creepy toward the end. Great game. Keep it up! 

I got a problem with the game

At the menu its starting to flicker and once I chose the new game I got black screen.

Any way to fix it?


Hm... I saw something similar happen on a friend's computer once during the development of the game, but I was never able to recreate it myself.  Would you be able to send me some pictures or preferably video of the issue?  I believe it has something to do with Unity HDRP builds (or at least some default setting in the build) being incompatible with certain computer hardware.  My email is conner.rush@fyregames.com.  I do apologize for the issue, and I'll look into a fix in the near future.

- Conner Rush of FYRE Games


This was a really fun experience, good work :)


Great game. I love the concept. 

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great jobs


hey :) i am very interested to try it out but it just flickers ... the audio is playing and it looks ok in my recording software but as soon i click on the game window it just flashes and flicker in and out of existence i think it is kinda bugged 


Excellent game!
I have the musical background myself and deeply appreciate your work, neat, calming, meaningful experience. Loved the game and story. Hope you enjoy the playthrough and good luck with your work. 


Thank you so much for giving it a look!  If you have time, I'd love if you could check out the album!  Been getting some awesome comments on it!

- Conner Rush of FYRE Games