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The year is 1983. You sit at home alone on a dark and stormy night until the ring of the phone pierces your ears.  Answering, you hear a voice unfamiliar to you.  The mysterious caller informs you with little urgency that your recluse game developer of a cousin has gone missing.  All that was found of him was a note.  Written inside was your contact information and a vague message: “FINISH THE GAME”.  

We Never Left is a hybrid first-person / text-adventure narrative horror game developed by 20-year-old college student Conner Rush in 2 months through his studio FYRE Games.  Inspired by '80s horror films as well as No Code's Stories Untold, it was developed as part of the Dread X Collection 5 anthology game.  All 12 developers in the collection were tasked to make a unique game in 2 months that fit the unifying theme of "entertainment".  Dread X Collection 5 is currently available on Steam.


I'd really like to thank you for checking out this small project I did.  I'm currently working on my next big project, and it's my most ambitious by far.  I'm looking at another 2 years or so of development, so if you're able to spare any money to purchase the game, it's greatly appreciated.  There's also a link within the game to donate to my studio if you'd rather try the game first.  Whether you donate or not, I genuinely appreciate your support, and giving my game some time out of your day :)

I hope you enjoy.



//<We Never Left includes...>

  • 30 - 60 minutes of tightly orchestrated "edge-of-your-seat" tension.
  • A stellar voice cast consisting of Jonah Scott (Beastars, Dying Light 2), Jenny Yokobori (Genshin Impact, Demon Souls), and Garrett Watts (YouTube personality).
  • An interesting and well-realized pixelated art-style.
  • An eerie soundtrack thanks to Auric Echoes, Reece Rowan, and Abstract Inspector.
  • An auto-save system as well as numerous configurable settings to be as accessible as possible.


"That was so good! ... I absolutely love it!" - Gab Smolders



//<Controls (Reconfigurable)>



LEFT CLICK or A = Interact

RIGHT CLICK or X = Secondary Action


TAB or Y = Open Journal

LEFT CTRL or X = Speed Up text

GENERAL KEYBOARD = Type Text Commands

NOTICE: While first-person segments and menus have full controller support, a keyboard is required for text adventure gameplay.



Play the original Dread X Collection 5 HERE

Visit the FYRE Games website HERE

Visit my Twitter HERE

Visit my Instagram HERE



//<WARNING>: This game features gory imagery, animal death, and strong language.  Viewer discretion advised.


If you have any issues, questions, comments, concerns, or really any general inquiries, don't hesitate to contact me at conner.rush@fyregames.com, or visit our website: www.fyregames.com

There is a known bug that causes poor performance and screen flickering whenever in the main menu or when paused.  This only occurs during these points, and should not influence actual gameplay.


Updated 7 days ago
Published 15 days ago
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
AuthorFYRE Games
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Pixel Art, Retro, Short, Story Rich, Text based
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller
AccessibilitySubtitles, Configurable controls, High-contrast


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Idk if its just me, but after the secind cutsene (the phone bit) I keep getiing kicked of the app? I realy wanted to try this game so pls help when you can

Hm, I've never seen this issue happen before.  What are your PC specs?

It was such an amazing and cool game! It made me so paranoid!


This game has slow start that builds an amazing deep seated feeling of fear in your mind.  The sound design is flawless, the story is fantastic, zero cheap scares...  I rank this better than 10/10!!!  This was amazing!

thank you so so much for the kind words!  Hope you stick around, I’m hard at work on my next game.  My most ambitious yet!

I can’t wait!  So excited!!!


Really amazing horror game! Love the text based mixed with first person it really made a truly unique experience. I also own the Dread X Collection 5 and really need to play it if the other games on there are as great as this one!  Awesome job and looking forward to your next project. 


Once i got going (got stuck) This game was brilliant, hard to get immersed in text based games but when you mixed it into a first person game here you nailed it! Thanks for this game :)


I love this game man, honestly it was such an atmospheric experience that really built up tension in all the right ways. Combined with the really cool text-based game integration.

 Keep doing your thing Connor you’re a mastermind. 

Game was outstanding. Just the right amount of challenging and had me on the edge of my seat. Donation coming as this should not be free. Keep it up! 


This is such a good game. The art and atmosphere are so well done, the whole thing is just great!


Hands down, I would have genuinely paid for this game.
I played it on stream, it was the second game I played.
I know you'll never see it probably, but this game was really, really good.


hands down was one of the best games in dread x 5


Absolutely spectacular. 10/10


Honestly one of my favorite horror games ever made. Keep doing what you're doing.

That's so incredible to hear.  You're truly too kind!  Thank you so much for being here and supporting :)

yeah no problem I am actually so happy I played that, such an amazing game I have no words for it. I would definitely donate if I could

I've been made aware of a minor main menu glitch that occurs when you haven't completed the game yet.  I'll be away from my computer until May 24, but I'll be getting to fixing it then :)


Absolutely brilliant! I would say that the game being free is a crime. Loved it! 

Since the earlier projects you had, I was interested in the storytelling, which your games provided. This game in particular has it all - superb atmosphere, fantastic voice acting, eerie sound design and immersive gameplay. All I can say is that the game truly deserves to be in the top of the list on any site.  

Best of luck with the future developments Conner. Cheers!  


Thank you so so much for the kind words!!  You don’t know how much it really means to hear that someone has gotten so much enjoyment out of this passion of mine.  You’re doing more than you can imagine.

I’m working very hard on my next game, and it’s my most ambitious yet, so the support genuinely appreciated.  Spread the word of the game however you can, and I hope to see you for the next one!


Cheers mate!
I do hope my small support helps you 😎. I will make sure to share the game, for sure. Good luck with the new project ✌




【喵玛】表哥设局引我入套,文字游戏照进现实,恐怖游戏We Never Left(我们从未离开)通关视频


Intriguing story!! AWESOME VOICE ACTORS- HUGE W ON THAT PART \o/ Loved them game so much, I watched my friend play and I'm gonna give it a run myself tomorrow! I'm excited to play it myself and try to be more interactive than they were :D awesome job on this one Conner <3 love your work as always!!


I love the build of tension in the game. 


Really enjoyed this one! It had me on edge throughout. Atmosphere, sound design, graphics and voice acting were all very good.

I highly recommend playing this if you love old school psych horror with a twist! 


Struggled finding the code for that chest, hint plz?

think about the format in which the note on the bed is written.


I cannot believe this was developed in two months. Gripping from start to end, even if it was a bit too on the nose with the "horror protagonist syndrome" towards the end of (not to get into spoilers) you actively goading Michael to do his thing and not even attempting to stop it.

That said, in the grand scheme of the game it's an extremely minor nitpick that's truthfully used a lot in horror works to varying degrees of success, though fortunately in this instance it certainly was used masterfully to deliver an overall phenomenal experience, from the pacing, to the atmosphere, to the voice acting, all done amazingly well.

And again, all developed in TWO MONTHS. Absolutely mental.

The one thing I was left wondering is if there's any secrets to be found from getting high scores in the space shooter game, but that's a question for another day.

thank you so much for giving it a play!   genuinely appreciate the support!